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A Word

Bismillah. Recently I was listening to the Quran, and the verse that I heard, made goosebumps rise upon my arms. Did I hear that right? “And we thought that humans and jinn would never utter lies about God.” [72:5] This … Continue reading

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In the Maternity Ward

Bismillah. After 13 years of marriage, Allah swt has blessed my cousin with a beautiful daughter, my gorgeous niece đź’•. Sometimes, such events show you the power and wisdom of God. Truly, He knows everything, and we are so limited … Continue reading

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When all is over

When all is gone, and all is over When the dust settles and all is buried you realise not everything had to be said and some things were really not that bad But emotions severed tongues and also made tongues … Continue reading

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Insecurities, Embedded deep.   Words, Spoken ages ago, But their effects, Stinging still.   Contentment, Being sought, But ungratefulness, echoing within.   My heart, Held firm, Within Satan’s grip.   Dear Self, Stop this. Don’t do it.   Be grateful, … Continue reading

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Desperate Healing

That moment when you finally find seclusion, and you pick up your pen to write. Cause you need to write, you need to heal, and yet not a word is written, not a single letter, and the tears just flow, … Continue reading

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Pouring out my heart. Letting words flow. No subject, no meanings, just words. Flowing through. Typing away. Words. Therapeutic. True. Honesty. Fears. Exposing the truth. Deep thoughts, from hidden depths. Tired. Society that just annoys, pains, harms, throw arrows at … Continue reading

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Tool of Expression

Crippled Creativity, Blurred Thoughts, Ideas Lost, Unwritten words. All this could have been prevented, None of it would’ve occurred, Had I by you been accompanied, Had my hands around you been firm, Creativity would’ve flourished, Thoughts clarified, Ideas discovered, Words … Continue reading

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