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Sometimes I deeply envy her The baby girl Buried at birth. This dunya Praises the zaaniah And curses the one Who attempts to persevere. Buried at birth Seems a blessing A relief Compared to life In this shallow world. Advertisements

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Oceans Within

She carried, In her heart, A roaring ocean, Full of emotions. Shoulders, Hunched over, Burdened with sins. She stood, And heard: “Allahu Akbar”. The barriers removed, Knots undone, Eyes overflowing, Emotions unleashed. And her sins, She hoped, With all her … Continue reading

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Catch Me … By Nai’ma B Roberts

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Burdened Soul

The heart: heavy, Eyes: overflowing, Everything broken, Laden with darkness, Streaked with grey, The passing of another day, A blur in time, The heart burdened, But Full of prayers, Prayers: the only way, To unburden the weight, Hoping; hope, I’ll … Continue reading

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Betrayed, by my very own …

They betrayed me, When I needed them to be loyal, They knew my secret, And that very secret they divulged. Ever so silently, Without any prior signs, They uncovered themselves, From where I’d hidden them. I had held myself composed, Faking … Continue reading

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Gazing from Afar

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like a star, The one which shines brightly in the sky, The one that everyone stops and stares at, Only for a brief moment, Admiring it’s glaring beauty, Admiring how high it is, But upon realizing … Continue reading

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Insecurities, Embedded deep.   Words, Spoken ages ago, But their effects, Stinging still.   Contentment, Being sought, But ungratefulness, echoing within.   My heart, Held firm, Within Satan’s grip.   Dear Self, Stop this. Don’t do it.   Be grateful, … Continue reading

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