An Answered Prayer


Tuesdays are my long days. Wake up at 5:30 am. Usually get home around 6 pm. Around Zuhr my left foot started hurting. It was mild to begin with. By the end of the last lab of the day, I was limping.

Winter means, tall bulky boots. Praying maghrib was difficult. Got on the bus, switched over to the second bus. Phone battery was at 20%.

At this point, I’m thinking about how I will limp from the bus stop to home. It’s a 10 minute walk, and usually no trouble at all, but today, I could barely put my foot on the ground.

Internal dialogue:

I should make dua that brother picks me up from the bus stop.

But my battery is dying.

I don’t even know if he is home yet.

By the time I get to the stop battery will be dead.

I have no energy to call him.

What’s the point of making dua if I don’t put in the effort.

You know what, going to make dua anyway, what harm can it do?

“Oh Allah, allow S to pick me up from the bus stop, ameen”.

And then I fell asleep. I woke to my phone ringing. It was mom, “Beta where are you, do you want us to pick you up?”

Alhamdulilah bro picked me up. So grateful. ❤

Sometimes it’s the small fulfilled prayers that increase your faith and reinstall hope.

God is the all-hearing, As Sami, Al Mujeeb.

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8 Responses to An Answered Prayer

  1. Alhamdulillah 💜 it made me smile when I read this. 😁💖
    Dua is such a blessing.

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  2. Hiba's blogs says:

    Yes Indeed He Is..SubhaanAllah!!! Allah u Akbar

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  3. Hiba's blogs says:

    And I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.Check it out

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