The Book Which Reads You …

Dear Quran,

How do you do this?

Every single time, I open you up, with an issue on my mind, and you answer it, and you blow me away. It’s like I don’t read you, its like you read me.

You shatter each doubt, you break each barrier, you wipe away each tear, and you comfort like no one else. Sometimes I’m terrified to open you up, and set my eyes upon your lines, because I know, I know it’ll be like uncovering my soul, I know it’ll be out of my control, I know my heart will melt, and my eyes overflow, so I fear opening you, until, until I’m completely alone, just you, and I and my Rabb.

It’s like you read me,
You see right through the facade,
You address each subconscious thoughts,
You answer each unanswered questions,
You shatter each doubt, and break each barrier,
You wipe away each tear,
You uncover the soul and heal each wound,
Every single time.
Sometimes it’s too intense to bear,
Sometimes the uncovering of the faults and flaws hurt,
Sometimes you advice with words that I don’t want to hear,
But you’re never wrong.
And although before I open up to you,
Sometimes I feel scared,
It’s always worth it in the end,
Dear Quran, how do you always know what I need to hear?
Dear Quran, how do you console so beautifully? So completely?
You leave me so intrigued.

(Diary excerpt June 2016)

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9 Responses to The Book Which Reads You …

  1. Saxhida says:

    This is the most beautiful and intensive Text about the Quran i have ever read. Thank you for sharing🌹

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  2. Sean says:

    It’s weird how texts do this for us!

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  3. writtenbynash says:


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  4. IsmailSatia says:

    Alhumdu Lillah! Beautiful…


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