She’s still single because …

She covers too much,
She doesn’t cover properly,
She’s too picky,
She’s too demanding,
She’s not pretty enough,
She wears too much makeup,
Her standards are too high,
She’s not religious enough,
She’s too religious,

It’s so easy,
For you to stand on the other side,
And point fingers,
State reasons,
Judge me.

It’s so easy,
to pretend that you want to help,
That you seek my best interests,
But you question my decisions,
And analyze my every action,
To study my being,
To form judgments,
To think of reasons,
For why I’m today, still single.

And you break my heart,
Like countless other people,
Without realizing,
How much it hurts.

If only you were to see within me,
Have empathy,
Feel what I harbor,
Pierce through the layers of armor,
Into the core of my heart,
You would finally realize,
That the only reason,

I’m still single,
Is because:

God has willed it.
That is the *only* reason,
I’m still single,

#Diary #January2017

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6 Responses to She’s still single because …

  1. Very beautifully written

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  2. thari says:

    And it’s all for the best, ALWAYS. And no matter what people say, remember there are people who will love you, and send prayers your way❤️

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  3. Shoaib says:

    Always believe in Allah’s plans.

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  4. This is it. I really felt the words. It’s difficult to keep responding to those comments but I make dua Allah swt grants as all sabr ❤

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  5. Roos Ruse says:

    Such beautiful and sensible truth.

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