A blurred world 

Empty numb drought,

Then drops, 

One after another,


Into rivers,

Then finally,

Becoming oceans and seas,


Within her own tears. 

I’m going through a really tough time in life right now. I feel like I’m in battle with … Just at war on so many fronts. Requesting your prayers. 

Much love,

MM 💕

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10 Responses to A blurred world 

  1. quelari says:

    You have my prayers. We’re all in this together. 💕

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  2. thari says:

    M, remember my prayers are with you. May Allah give you strength. Remember Allah is with you no matter what happens.

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  3. thari says:

    “… and indeed help is from no one but Allah, the Strong and Wise…”
    something Khadeeja told me.
    May He ease your worries❤️

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